Q: There are 1,000’s of videos on my industry out there. Why should I make my own?

A: Great question. But it’s kind of like saying:  “There are already businesses that do the same thing I do. Why should I start my own?” And you already know how to answer that. You started out on your own because you knew you had a unique take on something—something new to add to the market that wasn’t being provided already. You have an innovative point of view that needed to be seen, heard and experienced. Your small business and video go together like love. True love. Not Tinder Date love.

That is the same exact answer as to why you should create videos. Well, there’s a bit more to it than that, but as an entrepreneur, you know you have something unique to say.

You have a voice that should be heard.

Video lets you hold a microphone and shout your message out to your audience. Moreover, there are tools that let you crank up the volume. So let’s get rockin’.

Q: How do I get started? I’m technologically inept and busy.

A: Real talk: you started a business, you can make a video. Is it really that easy? Well, yes and no. And as you create more videos, it’ll get easier and you’ll be able to find your creative voice more quickly.

There are agencies that can produce videos for you, however, you need to take a couple of things into consideration: 1. Budget 2. Time and 3. Vision. If you decide to make a video on your own, you are in control of all three.

And who knows, you may have some fun while doing it.

Your first step: put your hand in your pocket and grab your phone. The majority of people have access to mid-high end video equipment and may not even know it. Have a smartphone? Great, grab it and check out the video camera. Once you record, you can simply upload it directly to YouTube. Need a YouTube account? Contact us, we’ll help!

If you’re interested in investing in and purchasing something a little bit more advanced than what you have on your phone, there are a lot of types of cameras to choose from. But just know, you don’t need it to get started. And, you may find you may not even need to stray far from your smartphone at all.

Q: What should I record? What do I say? 

A: There are many types of videos that small business can choose to execute on. Here, we’ll touch on three types—which are, in my experience the easiest to start with.

There is, of course, the splashy brand video, that you could work on, however, this will take a little bit more time, planning, thought, strategy and more than likely, money. So, if you want to jump right in and start seeing some buzz around your business, I would suggest starting with these:

  • Explainer Product Videos
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Customer/End User Testimonials

Explainer videos:

In these videos, you will feature a single product and talk about its benefits and/or how it works. This type of video is extremely popular on YouTube and across the internet. Think about your own user patterns: How many times have you Googled, “how does X work?” Or “how do I do X?”

Video has been proving popular as being a go-to for knowledge finding.

So, grab your products, stand in front of your camera and talk. Just keep it short and be yourself. Potential and current customers want your authenticity. This is also great for relationship building.

Behind the Scenes:

Face it, your customers have choices. So, behind the scenes videos are another chance to tell people why they should choose you and your products. Showcase your process and your uniqueness.

Do your raw ingredients come from a local farm? Take your audience there! Do you hire veterans and give them a new career? Interview them or show them working. Every small business has something interesting to show. If you aren’t sure what it is, ask current customers what they enjoy about your company. They’ll be sure to tell you.


People love to be heard. And your customers are no different. When you have a customer who is raving about you and what you are selling, harness that. Simply ask them if you can video them talking about what they are happy about. Did your company just install solar panels on their home and they are realizing the benefits? Capture them talking about it! Did your organic body lotion delight a customer who can’t wear perfumes? Get their story! Just get their permission; more than likely they will give it to you.

So, get out there, use your camera and capture what’s right in front of you! Need help with what to do after you record something? Let us know. We’ll be happy to help!