About Steady Glow

Steady Glow founder Jen Urso has had a diverse career from her humble origins as a “bagel slapper” in Pittsburgh to an internationally exhibited artist, a well-versed graphic designer, a web content writer and a data-obsessed, system organizing, tech-whispering digital marketing director. Raised to believe in the value of simple living and conservancy, Jen has always made it her goal to tread lightly and find more sustainable and balanced ways of living and marketing. She is an avid bicycle commuter, mapmaker, vegetable gardener, runner, reader, mother and thinker.

Steady Glow originated after Jen decided she wanted to help hardworking small and sustainable businesses with effective digital marketing tools and content. By clarifying and focusing on her clients’ messages, she strives to share what makes these businesses so unique. We have since evolved from full digital marketing services to focus on Eco Marketing Solutions and meaningful, web content writing focused on organic search results.

Why We Focus on Sustainability in Marketing

Ever since I started working in graphic design over 25 years ago, I’ve been trying to reduce our environmental footprint. It all started in 1996 when I refused to believe that the screenprint shop I worked in did not have a recycling bin for our massive amount of paper waste. Since then, I’ve not only helped numerous small businesses get their feet on the ground with clean design, consistent messaging and a focused strategy (AND recycling), but I’ve also guided them into more sustainable ways of doing marketing. With the average office worker using approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per year, there are plenty of ways we can look at sustainable marketing practices!

person typing on laptop

Why SEO-focused Organic Search Content Matters

I firmly believe in the strength of well-written, keyword-rich online content to draw quality-over-quantity visitors to your website. There are plenty of methods out there—some that will cost businesses a fortune—to bring impressions and clicks to your analytics. But, the importance is in whether you are putting your business in front of the people who are looking for what you’re offering. You can’t do that with overused marketing speak that we’ve all heard before. Steady Glow is different in that we want to understand and tell YOUR story. Writing rich web content with proper SEO practices will build your audience over time AND help customers better understand why they should choose your business over another.

Who We Work With

Small Businesses

Savvy, small businesses with a need for message clarity and focus who know what they’re about but are having a hard time articulating it

Green Businesses

Solar, low-waste, zero-waste, eco e-commerce, organic and fair trade businesses focused on circularity and reducing our impact on the planet

Small Organizations

Climate change, gender and racial equity, food justice, community gardening and more

Small Budgets Not Interested in Ad Spending

Ad spends can be a huge investment but if you’re message isn’t clear from the start, they can go nowhere, fast


Our digital marketing associates are hand-selected because of their expertise. Not only are they a pleasure to work with but they also understand the big picture of a campaign and how each of their roles fit in.

Steady Glow Digital Associate Kelly Griffith

Kristin Moore

Graphic Designer

Kristin Moore brings us over 15 years of design & photography experience. She loves how designing continually presents something new that requires unique solutions. In addition to making Steady Glow Digital look good, she loves spending time with her two kids, snuggling with her dog Eli and watching guilty pleasure TV.

Jennifer Harris designer

Jennifer Harris

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Jennifer is a graphic designer and illustrator with formal training in visual arts. She approaches each project with a modern perspective, a strong sense of color, and a broad set of technical skills. Jennifer is a driven problem-solver with a passion for creative challenges. When she's not working on art and design, she enjoys exploring Northern Arizona with her partner Troy and her dog, Casper.

Erica Neubauer web designer

Erica S. Neubauer

WordPress Web Developer

Erica is a branding and WordPress web designer from Napa, California where she lives with her husband and 4 boys. She has a Masters in Graphic Design from the University of Kent in the UK and has 12 years of experience as a self-employed designer working with small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Erica loves sunshine, bright colors, bold design and spicy foods.

Trista Sobeck

Writer, Content Strategist

Trista is an upbeat marketing professional with a strong passion for brand storytelling, leading teams and generating growth. She excels in creative, conversational writing that makes readers feel at home and backs it all up with amazing intuition and intelligence for digital marketing tools. You may not expect it, but she WILL make you laugh.

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