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Steady Glow Digital LLC was formed out of the desire to help support and promote businesses online who are offering solar and other sustainable solutions. Without the right methods to share your message, your business can flounder. You may have the work, the vision and ability to drive quality business but don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to navigate the complex online world. With a strong desire to share the message of simple, sustainable and sensible solutions, it is now our mission to provide your business with passionate and focused solutions that, at the end of the day, will share your business with more people, on more platforms and generate more leads.

What do we do?

Using a unique blend of creative, non-linear thinking combined with meticulous organizational skills and a love for data, analysis and technical know-how we will we clarify your message and help you reach more potential leads.

Why us?

We’re a rare find—a unique blend of creative, non-linear thinking combined with meticulous organizational skills and a love for data, analysis and technical know-how.


We specialize in digital strategy, online content, creative, social media management and digital project management.

Our values

We believe in simplicity and elegance in living, reducing negative impacts and equalizing the digital platform so everyone can play.

Who we want to help

Although we work with a diverse array of clients, we are especially passionate about small businesses, the solar and sustainable industry, and sexual health.

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A mix of art and technology.

Not every digital strategy company can synthesize the creative and the technical—that’s where we are set apart. Steady Glow Digital understands that an appealing image is just as important as well-organized, data-driven planning when creating an online strategy. Utilizing a unique balance of aesthetic ability and detail-oriented process, we can provide a clear pathway to a concise and convincing online presence.

Creative, technical, analytical,
data-driven, forward-thinking.

We are always thinking about YOU and what makes you and your business unique. Sit down and share your goals and visions with us and you’ll find a sincere, thoughtful listener.

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Lily Wang, Entrenue

Jen has a unique and strong ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently with attention to detail and a defined long-term goal. She is talented in inventing marketing campaigns with creativity, yet very educated in analyzing wide ranges of data.  Jen is an intelligent, organized, professional and fun individual to work with!

Lily Wang, Entrenue
Kim Larkin, MXD Arts

Jen is the most thoughtful, collaborative, and timely digital strategist I’ve ever worked with. Her creative ideas and dedication makes all the difference!

Kim Larkin, MXD Arts
Harry Bearstein

Roar growl, snarl. Nuzzle nuzzle. nom nom nom (salmon). Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Harry Bearstein


All that's sustainable, solar, simple, elegant, relevant, digital, tech, artistic and weird.