Steady Glow Environmental Policy

Our Pledge to Environmental Sustainability

Reduce Waste
Reduce Water Use
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Save Energy
Support Local

Steady Glow is dedicated to doing business and sharing the practices of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and waste reduction. This policy has been developed by Owner and Creative Director, Jen Urso as a fundamental basis for how we do business.

The mission of Steady Glow is to provide environmentally sustainable marketing solutions and educational marketing programs that reduce your carbon footprint, waste and water use. We focus our efforts on:

  • Energy reduction and energy efficiency
  • Reduced or zero waste practices
  • Water conservation
  • Local, union & B-Corp sourcing
  • 100% recycled paper sources
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Public education
  • Reusable, recyclable packaging
  • Composting

To support this focus, we have implemented specific efforts to reduce our and our clients’ impact on the environment.

  • Conducted an energy audit, supplemented insulation and installed a new, SEER 19.5 rated air conditioner and heat pump with a smart EcoBee thermostat
  • Use passive lighting and connect all equipment to power strips that are turned off when not operating or actively charging
  • Eliminated single-use paper products (napkins, paper towels, etc) and swapped with cloth napkins and repurposed cloth rags
  • Reduced the use of single-use plastic and replaced with refillable glass jar liquid soap, bar soap, refillable household cleaner tabs and the reusable Laundry Egg
  • Replaced toilets with low-flow models, replaced sink aerators with 1 GPM and .5 GPM aerators, turn off water while washing hands
  • Utilize local, small business vendors, B Corp vendors and vendors who make environmental sustainability a priority including EcoEnclose, Greenerprinter, EcoPromotions, GreenGeeks and more
  • Reuse office paper and only print when necessary, purchase 100% recycled printer paper, use a Remarkable tablet and whiteboard instead of sticky notes and notepads
  • Use 2, 50-gallon rain barrels to collect rainwater to water native plants and vegetable garden
  • Use rainwater harvesting landscape tactics so rainfall is absorbed by the soil and doesn’t end up as runoff to the sewer
  • Regularly write about sustainable choices to make both in the office and at home on the Steady Glow Digital blog and social media
  • Participated in Phoenix climate action planning sessions
  • Reuse packaging materials, use recycled and recyclable packing materials that do not include poly bags, use zero-waste curbside recyclable shipping labels and recyclable kraft packaging tape
  • Compost all organic matter onsite including all food, shredded paper, newspaper and egg cartons

In the future, we plan to…

  • Install rain gutters and 500-1,000 gallon rainwater cisterns to collect enough rainwater to no longer need tap water for plants
  • Install a solar array to offset all daytime energy use and energy storage for nighttime use
  • Plant additional native trees and fruit trees to provide shade and insulation for the hottest times of the day
  • Provide regular webinars and consultation on eco-marketing practices—helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, waste and water use with easy-to-follow measurable changes to make
  • Provide eco marketing business consultation to help guide businesses into more sustainable marketing decisions
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