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Aligning Your Sustainable Values with Eco Marketing

With over 25 years of experience in design and marketing, Jen Urso has seen more waste and careless decisions than you’d like to imagine. Pallets of unused catalogs, boxes of direct mail postcards, reams of printed proofs and copious amounts of power lost on machines that aren’t being used add up to tons of landfill waste and carbon pollution. Does this sound familiar? If we want to live in a healthier environment and breathe cleaner air, we need to make a change in all facets of our lives, including how we promote our businesses. Eco Marketing is the way we can do that.

Marketing Produces a Lot of Waste

For too long, our marketing choices have taken a green backseat to other focal points in the move to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. But, the average office worker generates 10,000 sheets of paper waste EACH YEAR. Website servers produce as much carbon as the airline industry and toxic chemicals and plastics are still used to produce the majority of swag and printed materials. With more companies choosing to make sustainable decisions in their manufacturing and operations, it’s time we turn this scrutiny to reduce marketing waste.

Eco Marketing Assessments

A Clear, Measurable System to Make Changes

While not being the first to champion eco-marketing ideals, Steady Glow has developed a clear, measurable system to get your marketing on a sustainable track. Whether you’re an eco-focused business or not, you can still make a difference by employing more responsible marketing methods. That’s why I’ve developed several levels of Eco Marketing Assessments and action plans that can help you easily make changes where you didn’t even know it was possible.

Save on Supplies, Materials, Printing, Vendors and More

So…interested in reducing marketing waste and your carbon footprint? If not, how about saving money and organizational confusion in your workplace? Steady Glow’s methods not only give you the chance to assess your marketing materials, vendors and office waste, it also gives you clear direction on what to change that works with YOUR situation. We can outline waste, water and carbon savings measurables that can be communicated in your own marketing or for grant and loan applications.

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Tackling Climate Change One Step at a Time

Over the next year, we’ll be rolling out components of our program to help you reduce marketing waste. The best and most obvious place to start is with PAPER. For a small fee, you can download our Eco Marketing Assessment for Paper to help you calculate your current use and come up with easy-to-follow changes to make for the future. Then, we’ll check in after 6 months to see how you’re doing. This assessment is far from one-size-fits-all and includes a specially-designed calculator using your actual workplace behavior combined with customized achievable goals.

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