Who Are We?

Photo Credit: Charissa Lucille

Founder, Owner and Creative Director of Steady Glow Digital, Jen Urso does more than just share a Star Wars character name. Although she would also like to save the galaxy, Jen has had a diverse career from her humble origins as a “bagel slapper” in Pittsburgh to an internationally-exhibited artist, a well-versed graphic designer, a writer and a data-obsessed, system organizing, tech-whispering digital marketing director. Raised to believe in the value of simple living and conservancy, Jen has always made it her goal to tread lightly and find more efficient and balanced ways of living. She is an avid bicycle commuter, vegetable gardener, runner, reader and thinker.

Steady Glow Digital originated after Jen realized that some of the most basic digital marketing tools were not filtering down and being capitalized by the people who could use them most. She felt that small businesses and businesses providing sustainable or solar solutions could benefit more from effective digital marketing strategies to share their important work with more people. With the underlying goal of supporting passionate and hardworking small businesses, Jen decided to create a business model that uses digital marketing best-practices to bring smart, sustainable solutions to the foreground.

Steady Glow Digital is also focused on making the pricing process transparent, so there is little mystery. It can often seem intimidating and prohibitive to begin a digital marketing strategy. Steady Glow Digital tries to break it down into digestible portions that can be tackled in parts or as a whole. From monthly maintenance in lieu of hiring a new employee to handling the most daunting of website overhaul or design projects, Steady Glow Digital will make it possible for you to get on track with a digital marketing plan.

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What do we do?

Using a unique blend of creative, non-linear thinking combined with meticulous organizational skills and a love for data, analysis and technical know-how we will we clarify your message and help you reach more potential leads.

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Our digital marketing associates are hand-selected because of their expertise. Not only are they a pleasure to work with but they also understand the big picture of a campaign and how each of their roles fit in.

Steady Glow Digital Associate Kelly Griffith

Kristin Moore

Graphic Designer

Kristin Moore brings us over 15 years of design & photography experience. She loves how designing continually presents something new that requires unique solutions. In addition to making Steady Glow Digital look good, she loves spending time with her two kids, snuggling with her dog Eli and watching guilty pleasure TV.

Jennifer Harris designer

Jennifer Harris

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Jennifer is a graphic designer and illustrator with formal training in visual arts. She approaches each project with a modern perspective, a strong sense of color, and a broad set of technical skills. Jennifer is a driven problem-solver with a passion for creative challenges. When she's not working on art and design, she enjoys exploring Northern Arizona with her partner Troy and her dog, Casper.

Erica Neubauer web designer

Erica S. Neubauer

WordPress Web Developer

Erica is a branding and WordPress web designer from Napa, California where she lives with her husband and 4 boys. She has a Masters in Graphic Design from the University of Kent in the UK and has 12 years of experience as a self-employed designer working with small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Erica loves sunshine, bright colors, bold design and spicy foods.

Trista Sobeck

Writer, Content Strategist

Trista is an upbeat marketing professional with a strong passion for brand storytelling, leading teams and generating growth. She excels in creative, conversational writing that makes readers feel at home and backs it all up with amazing intuition and intelligence for digital marketing tools. You may not expect it, but she WILL make you laugh.