Steady Glow is a small, women-owned business that specializes in rich, SEO-driven organic website content focusing on your small business’ values, story and mission. We also work with clients to make their marketing more sustainable by reducing your marketing and office waste, carbon footprint and water usage.


Eco friendly marketing ideas, news in sustainability and all that's renewable, simple, elegant, relevant, digital and tech.

Rich, Meaningful Online Content

A Clear Message Targeting Others Who Care

We clarify your business’ value, story and mission with rich, organic online content. As a small business, you want people to understand what you’re about as soon as possible. While there are a lot of paid ad options out there, I’m a firm believer in the value of telling your unique story balanced with good research to see what people are searching for. The content I create for my clients increases their organic search results year after year. This solid base makes it easier for you to create meaningful social media and advertising content. Basically, once we can express who you are, why you do it and why you care, marketing your business can become a whole lot easier.

Eco Marketing Solutions

Clear Steps to Reduce Your Marketing Waste, Water Use and Carbon Footprint

After years of championing more sustainable methods of doing marketing, Steady Glow is now offering clear, easy-to-follow Eco Marketing programs. We’ll work with you to get the information, data and actionable steps you need to make real, measurable changes in your workplace. It could start with something as easy as switching to a different printer paper!


Focused on web content writing, brand guides and eco marketing strategies. Website design, graphic design, illustration and strategy also available.

Our values

We believe in practicing eco-friendly marketing that reduces your carbon footprint and creating a clear, concise message for small businesses. Read our Environmental Policy.

Who we want to help

Small businesses interested in long-term success, not quick-fix ads. Those working to reduce their waste and impact on the environment.

Let's Meet!

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