Hold on to your butts: it’s time for another edition of my favorite sustainable products. This time, I focus on the much-marketed household products division. Particularly, these are all cleaning products that will help your house produce less waste, use fewer chemicals and still do an incredible job.

EcoEgg Laundry Egg

I mentioned this product once during a Zoom meeting and blew someone’s mind. A reusable laundry egg? That uses safe ingredients? That reduces plastic use? That cleans your clothes as well as any detergent? That only needs to be topped off once every six months or so? Yes. It’s that awesome. I received one of these as a Christmas gift three or four years ago and have never looked back. With the exception of using Defunkify for our workout/stinky clothes, the Ecoegg is all I need.

The Ecoegg is a durable large egg that you fill with white and grey pellets.

They are made up of biodegradable surfactants, stabilizers, builders, and binders. These pellets do most of the actual cleaning.

Ecoegg About Us page

The grey pellets are made up of tourmaline and function as a fabric softener. The white pellets are the only ones that need replacing and that’s only after about 70 washes. Basically, when you see that they’ve reduced in size by about half, it’s time to replace them. But, DON’T THROW OUT THE GREY PELLETS. Those guys stay in there. Since I like a little itty bit of fragrance in my detergent, I like that they have scented pellets that aren’t over perfumed and are gentle on the skin. For sensitive types like me, that makes a huge difference.

Using an Ecoegg means I literally never have to buy a plastic bottle of liquid detergent or an unrecyclable plastic-lined cardboard box of detergent again. The refill pellets are about a tablespoon and come in biodegradable packaging.

Meliora Household Cleaner

Meliora is no-frills but simply works great

I know everyone is crazy about Blueland and CleanCult right now. From a branding perspective, they look amazing and I can definitely see the pull. I even use Blueland’s foaming soap in our guest/my son’s bathroom. But, let me tell you about this other even lower waste cleaner that I swear by.

Meliora, which means “better” in Italian (actually megliora but maybe they took out the g because…Americans) is a super, super simple household cleaner. Arriving in a small, 1″-2″ box, you’ll find three sticks of unscented Meliora concentrate. They kind of have the texture of soap because that’s kind of what they are. You drop one of these into a glass spray bottle with warm water and let it sit for a bit as it dissolves. If you want a scent to it, you can always add your favorite essential oil, but I usually leave mine unscented.

They claim their sustainable household product to be dye-free, preservative-free, palm oil-free, cruelty-free and fragrance-free. But, most importantly, it works. You don’t even need to use too much, or it could even get TOO soapy. I use this to clean my kitchen counters, bathrooms, doorknobs, etc. I wouldn’t recommend it for windows, though. I also find that if my face is too close to where I’m spraying, the fine mist of soap kind of gets in my nose. But, maybe I should just keep my nose outta there?

This woman-owned B-Corporation has consistently been ahead of the curve with low to zero-waste products. They now even offer foaming soap tablets, laundry stain sticks, body soap and more. Right now, you can find this cleaner on their website or at Thrive Market, Earth Hero or likely any other zero or low-waste-focused shop.

Loofah Dish Scrubbers

Cute and powerful loofah scrubbers

Having successfully grown a few loofahs this past year, I can attest to how amazing they are. A lot of us still seem to be unsure of where they come from so I’m here to tell you: A LUFFA IS A PLANT. Loofah or luffa–it’s all the same. The luffa starts out as a gourd or squash-type plant that grows on a vine. Once it ripens and is left to dry, you have this amazing scrubber.

Yep, luffa/loofah is a PLANT

One of my favorite zero-waste shops Tiny Yellow Bungalow carries these adorable loofah dish scrubbers. They come in all shapes and sizes and are amazing at scrubbing up messes. There’s honestly no need at all for any manufactured, plastic sponge when nature has provided us this wonderful, biodegradable choice. It’s actually incredible to think that we ever thought we needed to improve on this. Aside from the loofah scrubber’s fantastic scrubbing skills, you can compost it once it starts to fall apart. But, you’ll be amazed at how long it lasts.

These loofah dish scrubbers also work wonders for anything that needs a good scrubbing. I keep one in each bathroom to clean my tub and sink. They scrub without being too abrasive and dry out easier and better than sponges that grow mildew and bacteria.

Making More Sustainable Choices at Home

These three products are just a few suggestions to reduce waste, plastics and chemicals in your home. Remember: while there’s no lack of cheap household cleaning products out there, their long-term cost is much higher. Often, for the same price or just a little more, you can find sustainable household products that last longer, work as well or better, support small businesses and don’t add to the waste stream.