Extensive digital services with a conscience

Digital Strategy

Get noticed and gain influence with a thorough digital strategy to compete with today's businesses.

Online Content

Individualized, comprehensive online content that shares your unique value.


Twenty years of design experience to clarify your message, values and unique offerings.

Email Marketing & Management

Build a message, educate your followers and share information on what you're most passionate about.

Digital Project Management

Managing all your digital needs. We'll be your tech talk go-between. Just think of us as your tech whisperer.

Other Services

From organizational systems to blog writing to map-making, find out how else we can make you shine.

Digital Strategy

Get organized

A clear message is a strong message. We often have ideas in the works but are never quite able to get them down into a plan that follows through on all levels. Once we get to know your business, our digital services and green marketing will dive into your online channels to determine how to bring everything in line.

Gain insight into your audience

We love data! Luckily, there are literally mountains of it available to tap into to give your business that extra nudge forward. Our agency will get to know you, your customers, and any missed opportunities.

Communicate with your customers

With a clear message and knowledge about your audience, we’ll devise a consistent plan on all online platforms. We’ll nurture your already hard-earned relationship with your customers on the internet so they are never forgotten and always appreciated. Our dedication to your green marketing message will keep your values close to heart, allowing you share your sustainable services or products.

Online Content


With the limited amount of time people spend on websites, it’s necessary for your message to be clear, unique and focused. Steady Glow Digital will get to know you and your company to create competitive, individualized online content. We make sure we are writing websites that follow through with all our digital services and your entire presence on the internet.

Clear information

We’ll keep your message on track. After meeting with you and researching your company, Steady Glow Digital will make your green marketing message and your company details understandable and clear, without ever dumbing it down.


You want your information to reach your customers and potential leads. This is only possible while writing websites with SEO principles in mind. The content our creative agency creates for you will be focused on the most important keywords without being obvious or repetitive.


Dynamic documents

We create engaging presentations, proposals and online content that makes work faster and easier for you and your customer.

Complex layout

Have a lot of content and complex information you need to share? We specialize in taking the complex and creating visually-clear pieces that educate and inform.

Branded templates

Your brand is important to be consistent and to let people know who you are. We can create consistent materials to use for all of your business needs that can easily be edited by your own in-house staff.

Digital Services - Steady Glow Digital - Creative

Email Marketing & Management


Customers want to know who you are. Sharing on social media is more than just sharing cat videos and headlines; it’s about creating trust and generating a welcoming image. In the sustainable and green marketing field, this is especially important because people want to make sure you are genuine.


Share your message and the work you are most passionate about! Email marketing & social media can be used as a great educational platform to share your message, product or cause.

Direct Communication

Email is one of the best ways to reach existing and potential customers or clients. We can set up organized campaigns that can almost run themselves!

Digital Services from Steady Glow Digital - Social Media and Email Management

Digital Project Management

Tech talk. Maybe you dread it. Your developer starts throwing terms at you that you don’t know whether to believe and you don’t know how to verify it. Or maybe you don’t even want to deal with developers or have gotten in over your head with your site’s CMS setup. No worries: our digital services can alleviate the stress and handle this for you! There are a lot of moving parts and small details to writing websites, managing online ad campaigns and social media accounts. We can manage scheduling, finding the right people, figuring out a strategy and making sure it is all delivered on time.

Digital Services from Steady Glow Digital - Digital Project Management
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