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Who and How We Want to Help

Small Businesses

Your heart is in your work, you’re stretched thin, and you just need that boost to make your business more visible. We can make it work.

Solar & Wind

We believe in alternative energy sources and want to support the businesses that make it possible.
Your passion is our passion.


We want to help and support businesses that are making great change in improving how we live.  If you’re working in sustainable methods, we want to work with you.

Eco E-commerce

It's time we start making better choices about the products we buy and you're a big part of that! Our experience with online stores can make your zero waste or sustainable products shine.

Organic Gardening

Eating better is living better. We are passionate about improving our food cycle including learning how to grow our own food and teaching others the benefits of these skills.

Women's Health

We need better education, discussion and managing of women's health issues. We support initiatives that share awareness and bring attention and solutions to women's health issues.

Analytical and Creative

We’re a rare find—a unique blend of creative, non-linear thinking combined with meticulous organizational skills and a love for data, analysis and technical know-how. We believe in supporting businesses in solar, sustainability and small business. Not only will we clarify your message and image but we will also unify your online efforts to drive new leads for what ultimately makes your business run—dedicated customers.

Diverse digital knowledge

Over 20 years of experience supporting businesses with graphic design, copywriting, content and digital marketing field means we can manage your brand AND provide you meaningful content. We can also reach out to our diverse technical resources, should your needs expand.

Our Values

Simplicity and elegance in living

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. Our founder lives by this credo and loves doing what she can for others who are seeking similar solutions.

Reducing negative impacts

While making changes in our personal habits is key, Steady Glow Digital also believes in supporting businesses that promote solutions which reduce waste, emissions and harmful impacts on our environment.

Equalizing the digital platform so everyone can play

A search online for businesses in your industry will quickly show you how much of an advantage big corporations have. We want to equalize this playing field by offering simple, technically-savvy solutions that small businesses can employ to become more visible.

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Simple Pricing

No more mysteries. We’ll always be up-front with you about what our services will cost. Take a look at some of our plans to get started.

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