Nothing feels better than getting a little recognition for something you’re passionate about. That happened this week! On July 8, I was thrilled, giddy and a little nervously sweating over being featured on 3TV for being a sustainable leader and newly certified Green Business through Local First Arizona.

Whether you operate your business digitally, in person or both, there are countless ways to help reduce your carbon footprint, decrease waste and give back to the world that gives us so much. You can make simple changes like using digital documents and signatures rather than printed ones. Or, you can all of your chargers connected to a power strip with a on/off switch can. Actions like these have a cumulative impact. Also, the types of promotional products you give away or use to promote your company can be made of natural, non-petroleum based materials that can break down (i.e. NOT plastic) so they don’t end up in the landfill. You can even start using more natural, and just as affordable, cleaning products for your office space and home.

Becoming a Certified Green Business

Months ago, I had started my application to become a certified Green Business with Local First Arizona. I put it on the shelf for a little while as I focused on participation in their SCALE UP program. This program groups you with other businesses looking to become more sustainable. SCALE UP is “an award-winning program that offers a comprehensive seven-week workshop series for locally-owned and operated independent businesses and nonprofits in the greater Tucson and Phoenix areas.” I’m always trying to do my best at home and at work to reduce waste and my carbon footprint. But, during SCALE UP, I learned numerous new ways to save on water and energy. The intensive webinars and sessions also led me to shift how I perceive the waste I produce. For instance: why put paper products in the recycling bin when I can compost them to help replenish the soil? How careful was I paying attention to what I put in the trash?

SCALE UP ultimately finishes with each business presenting a project they intend to work on. My work was derailed by a death in the family and a heavy workload. But, I’ll be refocusing soon on a comprehensive “Eco-Marketing Plan” that small businesses can implement on multiple levels. This will include a range of commitment options from a simple checklist to full consultation and analysis. More on that in the future!

For now, make sure you take a look at the segment on the website and send me a message if you want to learn more about eco-marketing! To find out more about Local First AZ’s Green Business Certification, check out their website.