Thank YOU for making this another year of growing, learning, expanding and adapting. I am so proud to be part of our clients’ journeys to reach and continue success. I hope we can continue to partner to make your business’ message and marketing plan strong and clear, while saving the earth with improved tactics to reduce waste and lessen our impact on our planet.

Shifting How We Do Marketing

This year, we shifted our focus to help all businesses with more eco-friendly marketing decisions. Now, we all know that words like “eco-friendly,” “green” and “sustainable get thrown around a lot and you sometimes have to be careful about how they are used (Eco-friendly plastic simply because it’s reusable? I don’t think so.) But what I’m talking about are the choices and changes we make to reduce waste, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce our use of harmful and unnecessary toxins and chemicals.

If you read our blog, you may have seen suggestions on how to make more sustainable printing decisions, how digital marketing can actually reduce your marketing waste, how you can make simple operational changes in your office to reduce waste and consumption plus many more ideas. Years of experience printing copious amounts of marketing materials that never get used was part of the drive behind these articles. WE CAN DO MARKETING DIFFERENTLY. If one of your business’ New Year’s Resolutions is to become a leaner, greener business with a strong marketing plan, please read up on these useful and simple choices you can make.

Sponsorships for a Greener World

We were proud to once again sponsor the Phoenix Zine Fest to be another no-plastic-water-bottle event. In April, we were also a sponsor of Earth Friendly By Design at the Scottsdale Homebuilders Expo which brought sustainable building solutions to the foreground. In November, we also sponsored the young but inspiring non-profit Arizona Sustainability Alliance for their yearly fundraiser. You can read more about their efforts in saving the earth along with two of our other favorite earth-friendly non-profits in our recent blog post. This year was great for learning more and spreading the message of more eco-friendly marketing options while attending the Net Zero Building Conference in Los Angeles, CA and the Envision Sustainable Festival in Tucson, AZ.

Become Aware of Our Surroundings

In September 2019, we launched a little branch of Steady Glow Digital called Steady Hand Maps. Some of you who know me know that in addition to making websites, marketing and graphics more wonderful, I have been a practicing artist for most of my life. Steady Hand Maps marries my love for drawing with my love for being aware of the place you live in. Specializing in custom, hand-drawn maps, Steady Hand Maps works with organizations, cities, tourism authorities and others to create unique, illustrated maps that celebrate the spaces we live in. This new service and website also include a SHMap SHtore to purchase maps, flow charts and limited edition prints. Be sure to check it out!

Looking Forward to What’s Next

The year 2020 holds a lot of promise and potential challenges but we are ready and willing to help you face them all! We’ll continue to stay on top of saving the earth with digital marketing trends, sustainability news, zero-waste and low-waste marketing plan options and the policies that affect businesses in solar, renewables, green business and more. Contact us today to get your year started off right!