Go green this year with some simple decision changes in your day to day operations. Before you know it, YOU’LL be the one sharing eco marketing tips with YOUR colleagues. From digital to print choices, these seven easy tips will get your year started off right.

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Use a “Green” Web Host.

Eco Marketing Tip 1 is to use a green web host

A host like Green Geeks allows you to “carbon reduce.” From their site: “for every amperage we pull from the grid, we invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation.” BEF offers Renewable Energy Credits, Carbon Offsets and Water Restoration Certificates to help businesses balance their carbon footprint while investing in initiatives that make our world cleaner and greener.

Choose an FSC-certified Printer

Eco Marketing Tip 2 is to choose an FSC-certified printer

FSC is Forest Stewardship Council which means the materials have been sourced by FSC forests and chain of command has been honored. Depending on the printer, it can also mean they utilize soy- or vegetable-based inks, responsibly recycle their waste and utilize carbon-neutral shipping. We love companies like Greenerprinter who have been using this practice for years!

Only Print What You Need

Eco Marketing Tip 3 is to only print what you need

Sure, printers will offer 2,000 pieces for the cost of 1,000 but do you really  need it? If they’re just going to end up littering your office or being dumped on tables that eventually go in the trash, don’t do it! Stick with what you know you NEED.

Lose the Lamination (and Gloss)

Eco Marketing Tip 4 is to lose the lamination on printed items

You don’t need lamination (or glossiness) in your life. Lamination just coats everything in plastic, rendering it unrecyclable. Glossy paper is often created from less recycled stock and although it IS RECYCLABLE, people tend to not recycle it. For this eco marketing tip, try uncoated and satin paper, which looks absolutely gorgeous. If you really want glossy, check that the paper stock has a higher recycled content and include text somewhere stating “Please Recycle This.”

Request Carbon Neutral Shipping from UPS

Eco Marketing Tip 5 is to request carbon neutral shipping from UPS

Did you even KNOW you could do this? I didn’t! But it’s actually really easy, especially if you’re setting up a shipment on their website. Right before payment, there’s a checkbox to request carbon-neutral shipping. For me, it only cost $.05 more for my shipment. This means that UPS will purchase carbon offsets to make up for the carbon produced from your shipment. Offsets typically support projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases like funding renewable energy or mitigating pollution in other ways.

Avoid Wasteful Swag

Eco Marketing Tip 6 is to Utilize responsible promotional items

Trade shows and booth displays are FULL of plastic productions emblazoned with company logos. Instead of buying foam coozies and other plastic products, use the opportunity to share useful or biodegradable and recyclable items. Ask your printer for eco marketing items (nearly every company has them now) or go green and utilize a B Corporation like Eco Promotional Products who “brand you responsibly” with items like recycled plastic items, stainless steel straws in brand pouches, organic cotton printable shirts, or collapsible, waste-free lunch containers (so cute!)

Watch Out For Green-washing.

Eco Marketing Tip 7 is to watch out for green-washing

How many businesses now include terms like “eco,” “e-friendly,” “green” and other kinds of non-descript terminology? Some are legit but it’s important that you read pages like “About Us” to find out. Companies focused on sustainable practices are usually pretty passionate about it and will include a mission statement on what sets them apart. Plus, it’s great working with a company who shares your values (kinda like us, hint hint).