Thank YOU for joining me in this fledgling year of Steady Glow Digital. It has been exactly one year since we launched bringing excitement, changes, STRESS and a renewed sense that starting my own digital marketing business was the right thing to do.

Zero waste event sponsoring

With the help of my amazing sub-contractors, I’ve been able to help my clients with services ranging from digital marketing strategies, website content, graphic design, and hand-drawn map making. Most importantly, I’ve helped many pull all the assorted pieces of doing business online into one cohesive system.

Zero waste sponsoring at the Phoenix Zine Fest Zero waste sponsoring at the Phoenix Zine Fest Zero waste sponsoring at the Phoenix Zine FestThis October, we had the chance to help us all live more sustainably and free of waste by becoming a sponsor of the Phoenix Zine Fest. This is an ever-growing festival of handmade magazines, books and prints by makers from across the country. We made this event plastic water bottle FREE by offering all exhibitors, volunteers and the first 75 attendees with branded stainless steel water bottles. We also set up recycling and composting centers, provided water stations with recyclable paper cups. Did you know most paper cups are NOT recyclable? We also offered useful information on composting and recycling. My four-year-old even did his part to charm the pants off everyone and help label the bins. I’m happy to think about all the waste we diverted from the landfill from just this one small event.This little effort really went a long way!

Making greener printing decisions

We also helped our clients reduce their impact from printed materials by continuing to support This sustainability-focused printer located in San Francisco uses recycled paper, soy-based inks and environmentally-safe printing practices. I am so happy to be able to support them more than ever before!

Writing about what matters most

Our blog continues to be a source for both digital marketing advice and eco-friendly practices. I visited Solar Power International this year and blogged about innovations in solar products and services. From tips on line-drying your clothes to suggestions on eco-friendly products to why we love small businesses, we’re sharing information that we hope has an impact on how we live and work.

Supporting businesses we believe in!

Finally, I’ve been able to discover SO MANY incredible businesses working their butts off to provide zero-waste solutions and products that don’t contribute more to the plastic waste-stream. One of my favorites is Tiny Yellow Bungalow. This eco-conscious shop includes products she has culled from numerous sources to help make your life less wasteful. Who needs another plastic sponge when you can use a loofah scrubber that will biodegrade? Why throw more plastic straws in the trash when you can have your own, sexy stainless steel straw with its very own scrubber cleaner?

Hand drawn maps by our branch Steady Hand Maps

Stay tuned for more Steady Glow Digital changes, including the launch of Steady Hand Maps. This is a branch of Steady Glow Digital which focuses on hand-illustrated custom maps.