Hey world-changers! I’ve been so inspired since launching Steady Glow Digital, to see all of the wonderful companies working in environmental sustainability doing their best to make the world cleaner, greener and more sustainable. Running a business is tough! There’s hardly a moment to think of strategies, plans, and analysis…something big companies have whole departments for!

That’s why we’re offering a FREE Comprehensive Strategy Plan to ONE lucky candidate.

This means analyzing all your online data for your site and social media, researching market trends, digging in to your company’s philosophy and purpose, making assessments of your current and potential technical and content needs and laying it all out in a roadmap that you can undoubtedly utilize to propel your business forward.

We know you’re out there, working hard in environmental sustainability for what you believe in.

All you need to do is join our mailing list by May 15, 2018.

  • Maybe your company is a small business specializing in solar installation or one that offers the technology to regulate energy flow.
  • Maybe you’re an owned and operated company making products out of renewable materials, sustainably-farmed crops or organically-grown ingredients.
  • Maybe you’ve developed and kickstarted an innovative new technology that will change the way people use, consume, commute or experience the world.

We know you’re nearly burnt-out trying to manage everything yourself!

Simply join the Steady Glow Digital mailing list to be entered to win a Comprehensive Strategy Plan worth over $2,000.

The winning candidate will receive:

  • A review of your entire online presence
  • In-depth research into your company and industry
  • Analysis and evidence of your online data and trends
  • A detailed and thorough plan outlining tactics for all your online avenues
  • Usable insights, tools, options and links to help you become more visible, gain more followers, clicks or customers
  • A timeline with actionable items that can be performed by your team or ours
  • Easy-to-follow recommendations and improvements broken down into digestible pieces

You worry about the planet.

We’ll worry about your website.

There’s no risk and no commitment. We won’t hassle you afterwards and are genuinely interested in getting to know you, your company and how you help in environmental sustainability.

Join our mailing list now!

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