Steady Glow Digital: I’ve finally made it here!

After months of preparation and probably a lifetime of consideration, I am happy and proud to launch Steady Glow Digital. We provide digital strategy, creative and content for small business, solar and industries offering sensible and sustainable solutions. We also specialize in businesses promoting organic and body-safe products for sexual health. My mission is to provide passionate and focused actions that will generate more exposure. Using skills that I have built up over a lifetime in the arts, writing, collaboration, graphic design, and small businesses fields, my goal is to promote businesses that are meaningful to me.

My goals have always been to take action, lift people up, be inspired and to reach our full potential. Steady Glow Digital now allows me to condense this drive along with the many skills I’ve developed on and off the job. Steady Glow also allows me to put my skills to work for businesses that are directly improving lives. From a young age, I was taught to live minimally and respectfully. Being mindful about my use of resources and how my actions affect the world is my personal directive. I have shared my passion for less consumption, self-reliance, renewable resources, alternative energy, self care, growing your own food and treading lightly. Now, I can help support businesses that take these values even further.

Why Now?

We’re at a point of change and turmoil–reaching for the tools and outlets we need to make our lives feel present and necessary. It is a time where we want to feel integrity about what we do. I think there is no reason why this shouldn’t also apply to how we make a living. After working for a number of industries that were all passionate in their own right, I kept remembering Joseph Campbell’s quote “follow your bliss.” For me, my bliss has always been more than just being an artist, or writing, or working within the community. It’s been more than developing systems to improve workflow or streamline data. It’s more than creating compelling designs or illustrating the beauty of the city or highlighting the importance of love and sex.

It is about all of those things, combined in one complex, messy, human space. Then it’s about making sense of that mess and sharing it with others.

Making Sense

With every bit of knowledge I’ve learned about technology, websites, code, organization, systems and management I’ve thought of how others could benefit from it. After spending over twenty years in the arts community on a shoestring budget, it’s clear how a little promotion can go a long way. Simple changes and actions can have huge results. Changing a word, talking to a connection, emailing someone or organizing your content is the difference between someone seeing your work or not. In business, that’s catastrophic. For the arts, we’ve been conflicted about “selling out.” The truth is that for both, your goal is to share your work. In order to do that, people need to know it’s there. This is where smart, strategic digital marketing can be useful.

Simplifying Pricing

Something that has always driven me crazy about digital services is pricing. Different levels of ability cost different prices. When launching a project, you rarely know what your costs will be. Steady Glow Digital intends to simplify this process in easy-to-understand packages. There will always be more complex projects that require quotes. But to start off, a customer can select one of our simply-priced packages. This allows a customer to prepare for an upcoming project and budget accordingly.

Let’s Go!

We are ready for you if you’re ready for a change! I’ve pulled on some of my best resources: knowledgeable, talented people. While I may be one woman, I have worked with and managed many. I only choose the best, most reliable associates to work with who I can rely on to do a great job. It all starts with our initial meet-up. Let’s meet for twenty minutes to discuss your business and goals. There’s no pressure and no commitment. We’ll draft up an outline for you to see what the next steps could be. Then, select one of our simply-priced packages or have us draft up a quote. We can’t wait to start work for you!